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Plants have light gathering macromolecules in their cells that can transfer energy via molecular vibrations.


Optquency – “Discrete Digital Optical Quantum Information”.
Exchange of Light & Vibrations through Quantum States are shown to improve growth efficiency and eradicate stress of plants.


In our proprietary process of resonating the smallest unseen particles of matter and biological substances, we can initiate a desired function from actual DNA structure.


From this process biological action is produced from within the cell itself and with no foreign matter or a chemical stimulus. Through this process we are now able to detect and prevent an issue instead of reacting to the visual signs of the issue after it has happened.

Exploration in Emerging Sciences


Ymehcla-Ag takes material science and applied technology to greater heights. Our groundbreaking exploration in multi-disciplinary fields of bio-photonics and bio-informatics brings us to the cutting edge of scientific revolution. After years of research and development with the leading chemical engineers, physicists, computer scientists, and agricultural leaders; We are proud to introduce Ymehcla-Ag’s “OPTQUENCY”. An innovative and result driven process that unlocks untapped new levels of opportunity – by utilizing new, safe and never before seen technology. Sign up now to discuss becoming part of the exclusive list of “Optquency Certified” growers! Ymehcla-Ag … Bridging Science & technology

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